Fundraising Bake Sale



August 20th
from 10am – 4pm


The Library at Sandpoint

$1200 Fundraiser Goal


The Sandemonium board feels there is no better time than the present to pursue growth. Achieving our 501-C3 status is the next big step to allow our local convention events to level up. It will allow us to apply for grants and other resources that would support bigger and better Sandemonium events of the future, it opens up opportunities to partner with other larger conventions, and to bring knowledge of our unique community to a potentially larger fanbase and bracket of convention-goers. If we increase the visibility of our convention, we also increase the quality of the content we can bring to Sandemonium. We hope it would also encourage more sponsorship opportunities as donations could then benefit donors as a tax write-off. On top of all those outstanding benefits, having that non-profit status also better represents our intent as an organization: all board members participate on a complete volunteer basis out of love for the community.